Camargue shares the power of knowledge with the launch of 'Quick guide to liability Insurance' – It's 3rd Free eBook

Camargue’s new electronic handbook – Quick Guide to Liability Insurance – is now available free to brokers and their clients.

As an extension of its focus on education and the Power of Knowledge, Camargue has announced that its latest eBook is now available online for download at no charge to the industry. Quick Guide to Liability Insurance is the third eBook to come out of the Camargue stable and this 52 page handbook is cover to cover liability content developed for the education and enrichment of the broker offering.

According to Camargue managing director Mitch Marescia there has never been a time when the complexities of the insurance landscape have been as onerous and intricate as today.

“Further complicated by regulatory and governance changes, to remain well-informed is an ongoing commitment the broker must make to continue delivering a professional service. Our belief in the value of the transference of knowledge remains a distinctive value for the Group and our compulsion to support the broker community is realised in several meaningful ways; our latest eBook is one such value add,” says Marescia. “We believe the new eBook is a tool brokers will find great value in working through.”

The eBook has 13 chapters that cover generic liability content, including an introduction to liability insurance; understanding the policy; how to put liability policies in context; losses-occurring vs claims made; the retroactive date; and legal terms to name but a few.  The second half of the handbook covers an overview of Camargue’s products.  A highly technical class of liability insurance, the content has been structured to simplify and demystify the vagaries of the class.

The eBook is available free to brokers and their clients, and can be downloaded from Camargue’s website. By making it available online, brokers can access it online regardless of their location. The decision to take it online is a move that’s in keeping with Camargue’s drive for the achievement of a paperless office environment.

The Quick Guide to Liability Insurance is just one of three eBooks Camargue has published, joining Protection of Personal Information Made Easy – launched in 2015 – and CPA Made Easy – launched in 2014.

Through its industry empowerment of brokers, Camargue has brought the training mantra – which was lost for many years – back to the industry. The result is the industry continues to enjoy a net benefit from Camargue’s investment.  

“As in all things Camargue strives to go beyond insurance and the launch of its eBook is yet another example of this and of the Group’s commitment to supporting brokers in their efforts to remain current and on the cutting edge of liability insurance,” concludes Marescia.

No part of any of the Camargue eBooks may be reproduced or utilised in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, or other means, including photocopying and recording, or other information storage or retrieval system, without permission from the author. None of the eBooks should be seen as a substitute for legal advice either.

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