Managing innovation for long-term growth

For Camargue, 2016 is proving to be one of great expansion and development.
For Camargue, 2016 - our 15th anniversary year - is proving to be one of great expansion and development and as one would expect, progress comes with adjustment and the revision of operating procedures. In and of itself this change is incredibly exciting and it’s indeed a mirror of Camargue’s DNA, which is built on innovation, big picture original thinking, and an ability to transform hope into success-centered action. 

The last two months have been incredibly busy for the Camargue. Not only has the Lloyd’s participation on our binders increased to 75% with the balance of 25% being placed locally with Compass Insurance Company Limited (“Compass”), but we have simultaneously gone live with an IT architecture upgrade. Our new software system, deployed with Aladdin, will allow us to be more agile, intuitive and efficient than ever before. A case of expert insurance meets next-level software and yet another way we are going beyond insurance.

But we recognise that with any strategic improvement there is a period of uncertainty and some preliminary disruption. As a team we pride ourselves on exceptional service delivery and we are conscious that while managing the complicated migration to Aladdin, our lead times have been compromised. We are aware of this, and it’s a position that we are working hard to remedy. I would like to offer my apologies for any frustrations that you may have experienced in the last few weeks. We are committed to keeping step with the needs of the industry and once we have ironed out the last of the system transition kinks, we will be far more effective and able to trade from a position of even greater strength.

While it’s true that many things have changed since we opened our doors, the premium we place on relationships and our dedication to meeting market expectations has not. Should you have any queries or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Mitch Marescia
Managing Director
Tel: 011 778 9173

Gerhard de Bruin
Financial Director
Tel: 011 778 9178

Lucian Carciumaru
Director of Operations
Tel: 011 778 9181

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