Camargue Introduces CVS

We are excited to announce the official launch of Cyber Vulnerability Scan. What is CVS? find out more.

We are excited to announce the official launch of Cyber Vulnerability Scan.

What is the CVS?
A vulnerability scan is an inspection of the potential weaknesses in the security of a computer network. You can then remedy the flaws before they are exploited by someone else who might attempt to break in. Think of it as checking your locks, alarm and motion detectors at your home or office.


All we require in order to perform the scan is a list of your externally facing internet protocol (“IP”) addresses, which are examined for known vulnerabilities. The non-invasive, automated scan acts like an ethical hacker and reviews the security perimeter with no further work required by you.


Policyholders, across all product lines, insured through Camargue Underwriting Managers (Pty) Ltd, as well as our independent intermediaries may access this complimentary risk management service.


Camargue has partnered with cyber security experts,Cyber Safe Consultants, who provide the #CVS. Contact us at for more information or download the CVS brochure here.


Neither Camargue nor the Insurers will be liable for any claims, losses or damages (including consequential damages) which may be suffered by any person (natural or juristic) arising from or in connection with the Risk Management Services provided by any service provider.  All service providers engaged to provide Risk ManagementServices are independent contractors and are not agents, partners or employees of Camargue or the Insurers, and neither Camargue nor the Insurers will be responsible for any error, omission, breach of duty or negligence on the part of any of the service providers.

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