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The Need

Many organisations believe that their firewalls and anti-virus programs provide them with sufficient protection against cyber risks such as viruses and hacking. The shocking reality is very different: every day more than one million people and organisations fall victim to cyber attacks.

Almost every company has some kind of network, database or online presence that puts it at risk. The complexity of the on-line environment makes it impossible for most businesses to address these risks, or even appreciate how serious the threat is.

The effect of a cyber attack could be devastating to almost any business: network downtime, loss of important data and loss of credibility when customer information is compromised (not to mention the litigation that would follow if the hacker were to use that information to plunder the customer’s bank account).

The Solution

Camargue’s Cyber Risks policy covers organisations against the risks arising out of operating a computer network. In addition to this,

  • It covers liability arising from on-line publishing (such as a web site) as well as from traditional media (such as brochures);
  • There is an option which provides professional indemnity cover appropriate to companies which participate in developing software and other technology;
  • It not only covers the Insured’s liabilities to others, it also provides a form of specialised business interruption cover which covers the Insured’s loss of income arising out of computer down-time

The Cover

  • Technology & miscellaneous Error & Omissions
  • Multimedia liability
  • Security & privacy liability
  • Data recovery & loss of business income
  • Privacy regulatory defence & penalties
  • Crisis management costs, including customer notification, support and credit monitoring expenses
  • Data extortion


Risk Management Services

Camargue’s unique M³ approach to insurance is geared towards managing, mitigating and migrating critical business risks – an outcome achieved through the provision of value-added risk benefits to policyholders. Notwithstanding the coverage provided in terms of the policy, the additional risk management benefits further enhance the Camargue product offering and go beyond simple insurance.  The overall result is a well-rounded and complete solution to the risks faced in a commercial environment.  

Risk Management Services included in the Policy cover:

  • Private Arbitration Services    
    Offered through TOKISO Dispute Settlement – this service works towards fast, equitable resolution of disputes between the insured and their clients. As far as possible court proceedings are avoided saving time, money and more importantly reputation.
  • Contract vetting and assessment with a particular focus on the CPA
  • CPA Workshops for sales and customer service staff
  • A commercial law help-line dedicated to CPA and other spheres of litigation
  • A comprehensive industry specific CPA website
  • Industry specific quality control and assessment services (Security, Agriculture, Food and others)
  • Security Health Check    
    The security of a computer system / network is evaluated through vulnerability assessments.
  • Crisis communication    
    Skilled support in managing public relations crises and avoiding online media disasters.
  • Web services
    POPI guide


Camargue Cyber Attack Plus (CCAP) is a unique product born out of our extensive knowledge as one of the longest established markets writing cyber, property, energy and terrorism classes. CCAP is designed to deliver complete peace of mind with seamless cover.

This product provides affirmative primary coverage across the globe to a wide range of clients including - but not limited to:

  • Energy
  • Oil and Gas
  • Critical Infrastructure
  • Utilities
  • Mining
  • Distribution
  • Logistics
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Heavy Industry

Limits available up to USD 200m (or rand equivalent). Combined limit that can be used as a base on which to build excess towers.


  • Physical damage
    Property damage as a result of a cyber attack
    Debris removal (your property)
    Bodily injury
  • Business Interruption
  • Incident response
  • Mitigation
  • Legal liability

Risk Management Services included in the Policy cover: Pre, during and post breach

  • Unlimited access to a free online portal including:  
    On-line compliance materials 
    Newsletters and instant alerts 
    How to handle a cyber event 
    Ongoing specialist support 
    Step-by-Step procedures to lower risk  

  • FREE Cyber Attack response services  
    24/7 access to cyber response team through a single phone number including:
    IT specialists  
    Loss adjusters  
    Call centres


Important Documents:

Important Notice:

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