What are the differences and similarities between the Warehouseman’s Liability extension and the Custody and Control extension?


Warehouseman’s Liability

Custody and Control


  • Both cover damage to third party property whilst in the Insured’s custody


  • Covers third party goods while stored by the Insured as a professional service
  • Covers third party goods temporarily in the Insured’s possession for any reason
  • Provides cover while goods are stored by the Insured incidentally as part of the Insured’s business e.g. a furniture repairer


  • Assumes that the owners of the goods (a third party) have their own insurance to cover the goods
  • Does not assume that the third party has cover for the property in the Insured’s care.


  • This extension acts only as a contingency if the Insured is unable to contract out of liability to the third party.
  • Does not require the Insured to try and contract out of liability to the third party.


  • Excludes goods which require a regulated temperature also excludes valuables such as money.
  • Does not exclude valuables and temperature sensitive goods.
General Liability