Project Greenfinger

Committed to reducing our Carbon Footprint

"Today's mighty oak is just yesterday's nut that held its ground." 

We recognise that climate change is an increasingly relevant issue, with profound economic and societal implications.  In the business of risk management, we are applying the same M3 operational principles to the management of our impact on the environment.  In so doing, we are playing a role in enabling a low-carbon sustainable future. With this giving impetus to our decision making, and committed to environmentally sensitive practices, we launched Project Greenfinger – a “green” effort largely focused on reducing our internal operational impact. Through this initiative we are also driving an understanding among our clients of the risks to our industry represented by climate change and global warming, and the need to collectively reduce our environmental footprint.

As underwriters we tend to spend 10% of our time on actual underwriting - the other 90% is spent performing administrative tasks that generate and consume enormous amounts of paper. This in itself was enough incentive to transform Camargue to a paperless/electronic environment; a change implemented in 2010. Besides the obvious benefits to the environment, the move has also streamlined the business and:

  • Increased productivity
  • Improved service
  • Increased inexpensive branding
  • Supported our reputation as innovators
  • Increased our marketing time
  • Facilitated legislative/regulatory compliance
  • Provided safe and economical storage of documentation
  • Decreased operational costs

While our initial group focus has been on creating awareness and encouraging behavioural change in recognition of our environmental responsibilities within the organisation, we will continue to explore areas within the “green” arena where opportunities reside to make a difference.  We are also gradually converting our physical office space to be as “green” as structurally possible.

Camargue has never followed the path of mediocrity. Its hallmarks are innovation and market leadership; after all its foundations lie in the south of France, Johannesburg, London, as well as at the top of Mount Kilimanjaro.