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Camargue is an underwriter of niche insurance products and a provider of risk management solutions to a broad spectrum of industries in Southern Africa.

The following products are available exclusively through licensed FAIS insurance intermediaries. For a quote please contact your broker:

Who are we

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We are an underwriter of niche insurance products and a provider of risk management solutions to a broad spectrum of industries in South Africa.

Founded in 2001 to meet the rapidly changing risk transfer needs of Southern African businesses operating in a challenging and changing global economy.

Our unique product offering uses the M3 principle. This is to Manage, Mitigate and Migrate critical Business risks.

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Our Value Added Benefits

Each Camargue policy includes value added services with a number of Risk Managers.

With over 400 legal and risk professionals at its disposal, Camargue ensures efficient roll out and delivery of its services.

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Our Partners

Below you can see our Insurer (with ratings) and Strategic partners:


A.M. Best - A (Excellent), Stable Outlook
Fitch - A+ (Strong) Stable Outlook
Standards & Poors - A+ (Strong) Stable Outlook

Mutual & Federal

Global Credit Ratings - AA+



Hot Facts

  • Has over 400 labour law practitioners on a panel of employment practices specialists.
  • Has a panel of 150 attorneys and advocates who specialise in delictual and contractual liability issues.
  • Employs specialist risk analysts and underwriters who understand 21st century risk management and insurance.
  • The Trustees of over 3,000 pension/medical funds including many of the largest in the country.
  • The Directors of over 1,000 boards including some of SA's premier, blue chip companies.
  • Over 2,500 companies across all industries against labour disputes, fraud and legal liability.


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